Saturday, October 24, 2009


jesse just got rad!


get outtaaaa hereeee

Thursday, October 22, 2009

To My Beloved

Dear Aj,

       You told me to go take pictures so I did. Now I am posting them. 

I removed the HT coil, made an "S" bracket, drilled some holes and mounted it to the top rear motor mounting bolt, with the foot panel on it, it hides the coil, also i took my fenders off after Gnarelli gave me a hard time about my bike not looking bad enough, well there ya go buddy!

I am a cranky ass hole today. I really need a job. cig time

Note For Sealed Bearing Conversion

The sealed bearing conversion that mack so delisiouly posted use's bearings that are only for the 17" Grimeca Back Wheel. The 17" front wheel uses a different bearing size. The front wheel is the same bearing size as 16" Grimeca's found on tomos and minarellis, which fit garellis. I will be converting a pair of 16" Tomos five stars to sealed bearings. I have the bearings at home and will post the size.

For all garelli dudes that have mags. Its important to check your loose bearing cups. I have seen a couple noi case's that have been damaged from what seems to be a failure from the loose bearing cups cracking and eventually throwing the chain. With little room, especially with an 11 tooth sprocket on the front, the chain bunches and cracks the area above the sprocket.

Mack didn't convert his front wheel to sealed because its running smoothly. The back however was wrecked, hence why he got a bangin deal. $60 dollar ltd. BANGING

Another note. Brandon and Jesse were down this weekend. I noticed that Brandon despite being geared for low end had the same take off to about 25mph as i did. The only difference in set ups is our pipes. Brandon is running the EV Turbo and geared 42-10. I was running a leo vinci circuit pipe and geared 32-10.

******ALL BAD DUDES POST YOUR SET UP, WITH PICTURES PERFERABLY. Break down your gearing, what clutch rubber, what your running for fluids, carb, pipe, kit, etc. Give top end and low end feel. Between all of us and the different kits this should get elaborate and help other people set up their bikes.

Ill run my bike with the 4 pipes i have in my garage and report how each one performed. I will also post pictures of the Garelli NOI Parma mystery kit I got off Ebay Italy. After looking closely and comparing it seems to be exactly the same as the polini kit only slightly larger ports and the piston only has one ring.


Well the other day my old buddy Droo decided to pick up an LTD SSXL from a really nice guy named Michael in mpls ( thanks Michael!) and got a great deal. The Cylinder and piston were pretty bad but a dremel and sand paper got it going good enough. This is what it looked like when we unloaded er from the car.

Click read more if you want to read more.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the garelli is alive!       now i can sew the back patch on. 

now to make a stockish ripper. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am now registered on the blog. Ill update some photos of the mankato workshop, rides, bikes, and ect.

New garelli super sport sslx ltd was picked up today. Hyped to see Drew join the bad dudes. Derek i have your new back patch.

sealed bearing conversion for garelli 17" rear mag!

all this jazz took me forever to find and figure out. I got my moped probably 3 months ago and finally got it all dialed in. feel free to ask any questions.


*Edit* The bearing Mack listed for the conversion is specific to a 17'' rear snowflake only.

Bad Dude Customs

Jesse and I got home pretty late last night from a weekend trip to mankato. Had a great time in mankato,  helped Aj pick up a 65 dollar Derbi, hung out with good people, crashed my moped and stressed real hard but it ended well and everyone had fun. 

After unloading the van, we both caught  a second wind and  went too G town.

check it!


This bikeis completely Jesse and every time i look at this thing i get psyched!

Not really sure how i feel about the body piece mod yet...

i need a cig.  later

Monday, October 19, 2009