Saturday, November 21, 2009

It works. but it can always work better.

So I put it all on and took it for a spin. 

seems to work awesome! 

got to 42 (A.k.a topped the speedo out) in my ally. speed tears did happen. bummed i had to stop.

its jetted way rich right now but i'll fix that soon. still ripped even thought it was/is jetted wrong. 

I'm now waiting for a puller to come from treats so I can put my new murdered out case back together. siked to the max! 

my first try at a gbd bleach shirt. so far so good. 

Friday, November 20, 2009

so far so good

Took the parts to the bike shop I worked at to finish the lil block up.

it looks like it'll fit on just fine without cuting into the inside of it. 

drilled the holes and put it on. dremeled the holes so it would end up going on.

seems to work out a-ok so far. 

got the case halfs in a parts washer to try to clean em up. helped a little.

off to buy some stuff to get the carb on. 

puch again

no title below. oops.

so i I don't know how to get the pictures right and I want to make my polini faster. 

 step one... match that case.

step two. make it a four pedal reed block. 

I have a few pics of the crap i did today. 

I matched the case a week or so ago and added the bost port on to the top of the case. ran fine with out it so it should help it rip now. 

I wanted to add the 4 pedal reed block with out cutting fins off a polini, riser block!

 I had nothing that I thought would work until... I looked at this old broken up stock e50 cylinder and started to line things up. 

went for it. 

smashed the fins off so i didnt have to cut that much more off with a hack saw. 

cut it with extra room on the sides. 

looks like it'll work just fine. just enough over the fin even with out gaskets on.

used a bench sander to make sure the lil chunk was flat and would seal up on both ends. 

Now i just have to bust out my dremel and shave it into a nice square ish shape. the cylinder has just a little bigger hole then the rest of the intake but i think it should still work. if it doesn't then I make a new on.

more pics of the block soon.
 Also the 2 pedal reed is not going on this but it did get into the project pic. Don't worry aj I'm not trying to make a 6 pedal reed monster. maybe next summer. hmm .3 .35 .4 ???

project time!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


So in the last few days i have pick up 3 new mopeds, Puch Maxi N, a FreeSpirit and a Columbia commuter  ...might pick up 1 or 2 more in the next few days.  I know, I know these are not Garelli's or even close but oh well I have a freaking problem.

My plan was to buy this freespirit get it running and sell it, but man is this thing awesome. 
Man I love it!

This is a beautiful maxi N! The pedal spindle was very bent so it got cut.
It breaks my moped loving heart a little bit but this moped is going to my oldest friend Paul & his new wife Lisbeth.I hope you like it!
Now go ride off into the sunset you crazy kids!

Ps. the Columbia Commuter is beat. You want it? It has potential....? Come get it.