Thursday, October 29, 2009

through WITH the wires!

So just about 6 weeks ago I got my face smashed in and broke my jaw. I've been eating blended soup and ice cream smoothies since then but today!! oh what a beautiful lovely day.... I get unwired, let loose, and set free to dominate a big fucking cheese burger and a beer.

here are a few things to look forward too along with not eating solids if you ever end up breaking your jaw.

1. Not being able to lick your lips.- It drives me nuts. Holy hell, try not to lip your lips for a day. It can't be done. I would watch my friends lick their lips and wish they would lick mine for me some times. A few actually offered; I have good friends.

2. Screaming -  do the classic "hit your self in the thumb with a hammer" , or the not so classic" spill your freshly made banana,strawberry, avocado, ice cream smoothie all over the fucking place" and try to scream. You will sound way too much like Sloth and hurt your face.

3. Yawning - IT HURTS!!

A lot of good things have happened to me since this has happen though so it's been kind of a blessing.

I've had a lot of moped time and been hanging out with Jesse bad dude/good dude aka Spock

here are some photos of out latest moped fix it/break it  marathon.

death grippin

bad du-din ??

top tobin still needin weldin.

good day.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Garelli Update

Updated pictures of my SSXL with the sealed back wheel, which is working awesome.
I have my polini ( not case matched yet, i just want to break it in before it snows) 20mm carb, and bi turbo (thanks for letting me borrow this jesse!). My treats package with a boss pipe is out for delivery! BoOp.

*please note the super aesthetically pleasing mirror. It's the jam.

bad dude shoes?

i love these shoes but they were falling apart so i got some spray adhesive and bad duded them out.
some how the image if an angry rubber ducky found its way into the insole of my shoe! LOOK ITS  IN THERE!

click "click here" for more garbage

Sunday, October 25, 2009

damn yeah!

there it is. its an old picture but a goodin. paint this winter. also a pinto project. pics to come shortly.