Saturday, February 13, 2010

wires and things.

Today I finished the wiring on the ciao. I have always hated wiring, and I still do. It's like that weird annoying kid that you hate being around, but one day you realize why that person is the way they are and they are suddenly not so bad... anyway  the more I understand the more I don't mind it so much but still not a fan.

Monday, February 8, 2010

fixed exhausted mishap

The other day i broke my exhaust flange off of my polini kit...
How? You may ask?
It's because I'm a dumb ass. 

I didn't have the back end of the pipe supported correctly so shit broke and my pipe lay there on the ground.

To calm my self, I sat down and smoked a cig and then quickly brought my cylinder to Bill Bune Enterprises to fix me up, and they did!

I picked it up this afternoon and here she is now, back to life.

                                                              ( photo is HUGE)

They welded it up and filed down the welds for 10 dollars!
I am super happy with it.

So if you live in Minnesota and need something done that you can't do yourself check out their web page, they can re sleeve,bore,re nikasil,  port, millheads, weld...
they do it all.