Friday, January 15, 2010

Its friday!

let the good times roll!
new engine build. pics soon. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I dont have internet sorry for not updating

i am excited to say i have been doing work on my garelli sslx. It is completely torn down and in the middle of being sand blasted. I am grinding the frame and am trying to make panels to weld where the seat mount is for added strength. If i can get the damn panels to work out i want to dremel buffalos into them! When i am done it will be primed with car paint primer and then i need to decide on a color scheme. The paint on the 5 stars wont come off worth a damn. Sand blasting them wont even take it off. I am going to try airplane stripper. Ill let yall know how that works. The regular paint stripper is not cutting it.

I chopped my rear fender and bought awesome footpegs off a member of tbs. There flat and foldable. Needed some where to put my feet on the kickstart.

I am attempting to sew my seat cover sometime this week. I have a template ready out of shopping bags, but it will be my first time sewing anything like this so hopefully it turns out.

I also got a chance to attack cincinnati on my snowboard. Thanks Brian for the photo.

Brandon Derbi is next week.